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G&P Metal body switching?

Greetings and salutations to you from the similiar-climate-like Finland!

I have a problem that is difficult for me yet probably easy for you people. I am no airsoft "blacksmith", I have ruined one G&P M16A3 and it is spread in pieces all over my room (thanks to my initiative acting and lousy repairing skills since I haven't found any kind of instructions).

Well then, I have taken my gearbox out of my G&P M4 and now I'm suposed to switch it into another metal body... The problem is... How on earth does the fire selector go on again? I tried for hours solving this mystery but the gearbox just didn't fit in after I tried. I have spent hundreds of euros.. nearing to 600 euros by now on spare parts because I am a LOUSY airsoft "blacksmith" so detailed instructions would be nice.

Usually I would send my weapon to be fixed: "no problem!", but there is a problem...The problem is I have a scenario in a month and I don't trust the guys at a certain shop on delivering it back to me in time...

So the options are...

1. Help me solve the mystery of the fire selector
2. Force me to buy a new M4. :banghead:

Pictures would be appreciated aswell, and if someone wishes I can take pictures of my weapon too to help solving this problem.

Thank you. *Bow*
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