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I guess I worry to much about what others are thinking. I understand what you mean by that being a total buzz kill.

I talked to both parties and got alot more insight from both of them. *thanks ktown*. The *baller* guys understand that they have to try and look as close to the part as possible. Milsims are of course out of the question for them, and mostly for me until my stuff finally arrives from hong kong *refreshes tracking page again*... nope still not here.

When I talked to some of my friends that came along I was surprised to here that they were actually intimidated when we rolled up and they saw about 5 guys all standing there in full camo with AEGS. kinda felt out of place with there clear soft and tshirts. I can understand that.

I let them know that they are welcome aslong as they atleast wear green and have a militaristic mind of it... like *if I get shot I am dead not just out... gotta protect my squad and watch our flanks*

what do you mean by Filmsim?
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