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Don't be, I mean the G&G's are really decent starter guns. If you bothered to check out the reviews, they're practically glowing (for the price point, you do get what you pay for). A can of spray paint will work wonders. To keep the trades on just put some painters tape over the trades go over with the spray paint, take off the painters tape and hand paint then fill in the engravings with some crayon, or put white paint over the trades and quickly wipe it off with a tissue or something, it should fill the trades in and stick then dry.

Also if it's for target shooting, really you should have gotten a pellet gun (eg. Daisy, Anschutz, Hammerli, Air Force, Gamo, Remmington etc.). They are far more accurate.

The competition grade ones can get quite expensive (Anschutz 9001) but even a cheap Daisy model 835 should do the trick. That being said, I hope you have fun with your kid.

You're probably wondering why I know more about pellet guns (especially ISSF grade ones) than I should as this is an airsoft site. Funny story, I never really got into real steel shooting but I'm looking at doing it sometime sooner or later. For now I just have airsoft and pellet guns that fire < 500 FPS.
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