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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Having a contingent of "tourists" just there to goof around in no gear and crap guns spoils the experience for many. They may have played to all the rules.. taken every shot received... but it still just does not "feel" right.
That's because when you're creeping through the bush looking out for NVA in your period kit and M16A1 and feeling a slight squish with every step from the water seeped into your jungle boots, face it - you're not in a farmer's field in the prairies on a Saturday anymore. You're in Vietnam and it's 1971. Then some guy with sneakers, a Metallica T-Shirt and a clear AK-47 jumps out of the woods at you, gets shot, then spends his "dead" time 20 feet away loudly talking about jeeps while you try to lay an ambush, it's a serious buzzkill.

That being said, the more "serious" milsim type stuff is sometimes an acquired taste and there's honestly not anything wrong with non-serious plain old trigger time. It just doesn't mesh well with the other end of the spectrum.
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