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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Every BB is biodegradable... the "BioBB's" just break down faster...
I don't wish to be rude and offend anyone, But I disagree with the above comment, We buy our BB's from UN Company and the normal BB's don't break down. (We have used Excels, Excel Bio's, Tokyo Marui, Straight BB's)

We have been playing for years and the BB's remain on the ground of our fields.

The normal BB's are made of plastic.

We are about to experiment with other brands of Bio's to see how they react / breakdown in the environment.

SEG's: TM-CAR15, TM-G&P M4/SR16 Custom, TM-M4A1 Custom, TM-G&P MI6 VN Custom, TM-SR16, TM-M4S System, G&G G4-CQB-R.

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