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Well too bad for your son. Seriously he should be thankful for having parents who will even consider buying him a BB or pellet gun (you'll shoot you eye out). Sounds like your son has a bit of "Little Emperor Syndrome" going on there.

Anyways back to the point, meet up with a verifier and do all your stuff. You can ask them questions in person and they should have all the answers for you.

Don't buy anything else until you get verified. Also I hope this isn't just for your son, you should seriously consider playing. If it is just for your son, just a heads up, most verifiers will refuse verification as they want "active players" or collectors in the community not a bunch of parents who get verified and give the gun to their kid and turn their back. It's all fine and dandy to let your kid shoot the gun while supervised in the basement or supervised on the field or whatever but please keep it under lock and key when he's not supervised.
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