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sorry but most of the fact presented here is simply opinion- generalized misinformed soccer mom type hysterical opinion. Not all airsoft players are keeping hidden and many are actively promoting the sports positive attributes.

I actually know of a local school that has its RCMP liaison officer allowing the kids to use their airsoft guns for a highschool film project. She is also the one who told the local high school kids to use their guns only at the local fields. They recognize that airsoft guns are not dangerous but that improper use IS.

The local fight club in town uses airsoft guns when demonstrating how to disarm people- the local RCMP check in on them often and have no interest in taking those guns. They are only interested in criminal use they said.

Our local field ran a birthday party for a group of 9 kids aged 12 because paintball is unsafe. From that group we have sports teams and school teams calling for bookings. Those soccer moms have told us they HATE guns but that airsoft seems to be a safe way for kids to play active sports (sadly paintball takes the beats from these soccer moms as THAT sport is dangerous for kids lol)

I get that we dont want misinformed people representing our sport. But the hiding our head in the sand approach hasnt worked out for airsoft either...

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