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BlackRain; --| |-- <-- that close to going to jail today..

Next time I see you walking down the ROAD kitted up toting your AEG professing to be a real soldier, I will have you arrested.

What the hell were you thinking? Strolling along talking to people on the street telling them that you're "from that Regiment that you can't talk about", and you're making sure that your 12 guys in the woods aren't seen.. So help me, if I catch you or your guys tresspassing on my property I will bring the hand of god down on you all. Not only was that Illegal and stupid, pretending to be a fucking soldier is down right immoral.

... Not to mention that it's turkey hunting season and the last thing I need is one of you tools in the treeline with me.

..For the record, Canadian Soldiers don't wear .50 cent sniper tabs, mount NCStar red dots on their rifles, or have batteries poking out of their stocks.

;I served Reg Force for 10 years, and what I saw today pissed me off to no end. This is your only warning. If I see you or your "men" on my property, or walking the streets with your guns again I will have the RCMP arrest you and toss your house. The only reason you're not in the back of a car right now is that I played airsoft back in the day and know a few people here. I'm sure they'll decide what's best in terms of your airsoft career..
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