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"Paintballer attitude" generally referes to how paintballers tend to play airsoft like they're playing paintball. Ie, the lack of cohesive tactics, the "spray and pray" mentality, sometimes not calling hits because they're not used to the honor system, the lack of respect for fellow players, etc.

While it is by no means necessary to be fully kitted out for your early games, it is important to recognise that many players enjoy being fully kitted and enjoy playing against people who are. It helps the suspension of disbelief, and help get people "into the gaming atmosphere." What I mean by this is that even a little bit of effort into your kit (like painting a clear gun black, wearing green instead of blue jeans) goes a long, long way in the eyes of your fellow players.

Paintball (or rather speedball) is about putting as much paint down range as possible to hit your opponents. Airsoft is about working with your team to accomplish an objective. Its about not only making the game enjoyable for yourself, but helping to make the game enjoyable for everyone else, too. This is one point a lot of ex-paintballers don't understand right away. Your friends might not care if they get hit, but their teammates might get pissed if all of a sudden 5 guys on their flank just got taken out because they were being careless.

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