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The lightbulb has to want to change.

It can be frustrating for new players even with all the gear, never mind someone with a clearsoft that's constantly outranged by the other players. Most of the crew in Kelowna runs upgraded AEGs so they can standoff and hit someone with a springer etc.

If your friends also don't have the gear like BDUs, they'll be seen a mile away, and it really won't be much fun at all.

So I guess your best bet is to first build up your kit. Then if you want to bring one or two friends out you can hang your spare goggles on them, give them a set of clothing that doesn't stand out like a sore thumb, and a decent AEG, nothing crazy, a 300+ FPS stocker with a couple spare mags.

I know if one of my friends tried to get me to spend a couple K to try out a game I'd say no dice.

And as a side note the crew in Penticton sometimes run organized games with rentals and so on, an easier way to get your feet wet.
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