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New player VS experienced player psychology

AK guys don't take this to heart if you read this. Its nothing you have done wrong its just your dissposition. I understand the push for realism and would like to try to perserve that as much as possible mean while being able to show a few of my friends the sport with out scaring them off.

As I am sure you guys have ran into this problem before I am hoping to draw from some of your experiances. I am new to airsoft as I have stated before. How ever I have the tendacy to go balls deep into hobbies when I find them. I get very passonate about them.

My friends on the other hand... not so much. For the most part my buddies are construction workers, so most of there money goes to Tools/Drinking/Pot *we live in kelowna BC*. I don't do any of these things so I got a bit of extra money to sink into the sport.

I have brought them out to a few AK games *airsoft kelowna*. I was under the impression things were going well, they were just using some clear soft stuff but having fun. If they get shot they did not care and they played well.

How ever for some of the more experianced guys apparently having these guys along was not as enjoyable as I thought it was. Now only a few of them are close friends which I hope to get into the sport, the rest are more aquianteces. The words *paintball attidude* have been used.... I have no idea what that means as I used to be a baller.... I can see a different play style of this to paintball but I mean.... seriously whats that even mean?!

Finally to the point. How do I talk these guys into buying gear if they are not warmly welcomed to the sport. If these guys are willing to come out and play against people in full camo with AEGS, get shot up, ripped up, but still play hard... should that not be enough? I do not understand how people expect someone to come out to the first game fully kitted out.

I have tried to make the games more casual but than I lose the other side of the players.... Stuck between a rock and a hard spot if you ask me.

These are friends I would love them to get into it but if there not welcomed than they won't drop the cash on the gear.... shoot I am even buying my side arm with full expectations of lending it out just to get them to come play. My GF's AEG has been out on the field twice as much as she has... but I can't buy guns for everyone!

Any suggestions? any ways to break the ice? how did you guys get your friends into air soft? How do I deal with the AK guys? I don't want to gain the reputation of *newbie with flashy toys/ don't invite that guy he is just a baller*. Yet I don't want to seem like a snob to my friends who I have knowen for about 8 years.


*ps* sorry for writing a book!
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