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Originally Posted by SuperCriollo View Post
a GBB is like paintball guns, doesnt it?
i thought that a GBB was like a tippmann that its almost Undestructible.

sorry if comited mistakes, my english needs improvements

pd: i have 18
Paintball guns don't need to make everything fit into a gun shape and size. GBB rifles will last no where near as long as an AEG and be very problematic ALWAYS, just like GBB hand guns. Nobody should get a GBB M4 unless they already have an AEG.

Originally Posted by ceejay77 View Post
I have always had Crosmans I have tried my friends guns of different brands they are nice but I still prefer my crosman probably bit bias but mine have not broken down either.
WTF??? Crossman springers??? You sir have no idea what airsoft really is, I wouldn't pay more than $5 for a crossman.
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