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Originally Posted by guysullavin View Post
I'd have to say i agree with both crowds. BUT I don't think this should be taught in classrooms by an inexperienced person, this is also coming from an underage person.

I got an Idea

Maybe we should have someone who IS experienced post a thread on the forum educating any pass-byers who are interested into the sport of airsoft and need to know every corner of the basics and all the flaws and laws and other BS that might be incorporated.
This community has survived by remaining on the fringes of public knowledge. The laws are already in the books to shut us down, hard.

Public solicitation only makes it more likely that we will finally meet the soccer mom that will have the proverbial bug up high enough in her ass to go after us.

Originally Posted by Courtesy View Post
Another thought occurs: We all know that telling a teen they can't know/do something only increases their curiosity. I'd rather know that solid information was delivered (stressing safety and the necessity of being 18+) than to have them look elsewhere for the information.
Non-issue if they don't know it exists in the first place. Knowledge is contagious, containment starts by not having minors give oral presentations on a sport they know close to nothing about.
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