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When we teach teens about sex it's done by a professional with a background in education. We don't just tell one kid about how sex works and then send them off into the world to spread the word, do we? Nor do we have a kid do a presentation for the class on what they learned about having safe sex from the internet.
Professional teacher yes, but their lessons, comfort and actual knowledge were debatable. But I understand your point. Yet I have probably done more single handedly to teach my friends about sex and drugs than our public system ever did. It's a matter of getting on their level and having the appropriate knowledge. He can do both, as long as experienced people take the time to help.

Also, a random minor without field experience is no more qualified to educate people about the sport than a clerk from Canadian Tire.
Agreed. But he's synthesizing or quite likely directly quoting people. If he is really determined to do the article would it better that he gets information from people who are actually involved and practice safe use in the airsoft community or Youtube videos and Google (increasing the likelihood of information coming from underage sources)?
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