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The battery in the first picture I listed is a 9.6v battery created out of SUBC cells, the battery in the second picture is a 9.6v battery made from 2/3A cells. I do not know how to really explain it but SUBC cells just pack more juice?

It is true that in the tri batt config it is essentially impossible to close your crane stock entirely.

Heres a suggestion for a website if you are interested in purchasing any additional in the future.
They have great customer service and alot of people from ASC buy from them.

I can speak to this... saw the traffic from the picture coming through to the site =) We don't mind hotlinks from forums. sometimes people do it to their own shops or craigs list postings and thats just in poor taste =)

either way, sub c cells have a higher AMP per hour output rating than AA cells or 2/3 cells. In this thread someone said Power = Voltage x Amps this is true. But it is not the Mah Rating it is the generally undisclosed amp per hour rating of the cell or battery pack. and i say battery pack as adding all the tabs and wires changes the voltage and thus changes the amp rating of the only thing the original manufacture can speak to which is the cell itself.

Personally in my Classic Army M15A4 PMC w/ crane stock i use a 4200 or 4600 9.6v crane battery. I would absolutely recommend using this style of battery as classic army made the stock slightly larger than the real steal stock specifically to fit sub c cells. If you load your battery properly you will generally have full use of your collapsing stock, but wire lengths vary and they can get in the way and cause you to loose one position.

What you generally need to remember about batteries is voltage speaks directly to RPM and MAH speaks to how many hours the battery can delivery the output of amps the gun draws from the battery. AKA battery life.

MAH is also an important consideration for recharging. Batteries less than 1200 mah should not be charged at a rate higher than 1.2 amps per hour for those of you with charges that offer a choice.
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