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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
kinda funny when you think about it.

*You want that real glock? sure fill out this form and wait a while... what? you want that BB gun? ummm... sorry... no, but seriously this real one... what? well yah you could play airsoft with it but don't expect to have any replayability out of the other team.*


I do not suggest you can play airsoft with real steel. anyone that is that dumb please go show us how Darwyn came up with his theory. Alone, away from everyone.

HAHAHAH! Thats funny you say that, sorry for the double post but thought I would share my story.

I was at a surplus that sold some airsoft guns, bunch of dumb ass kids behind the counter that didn't know crap about saftey or anything. There firing guns are the store at each other with no glasses and stupid crap like that.

The one kid, while I was looking at an JG Rebrand M4 they had, goes I think instead of airsoft guns we should all get .22's and just shoot each other with those.

I looked at him like he was the biggest moron ever... he replies to my look with. Well you can take a hit from a .22 as long as it's not in the face.

I look at him again and go Dude "Your the biggest f**king idiot I have ever met.

And walked out.

So kinda chuckled when I read that. Maybe he was the guy trying to put bb's in the shells LOL!
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