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Just talked to him today actually about this.

FIrst off you require a restricted item license *or something of that I forget the actual name* secondly he is actually required by law to keep track of this gun.

I am looking at joining RCMP and even with me being a Member of RCMP I could not buy it. Now the training center could buy it but than it would be for *surprise surprise* TRAINING. Hence not civilian use.

On a side note, people that bought these as movie props and are selling them are technicaly going against the law... actually anyone selling a second hand black gun to someone else is going against the law.

But honestly people how many times does this have to be repeated on the board, I have just started on ASC and have seen a post of this nature more than I care to count.

You guys must be the type of people that even though your mom says the stove is hot, you don't learn until you burn your fingers.
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