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Airsoft Article/ Interveiw


I'm writing a feature article for my English class about promoting Airsoft, I've yet to play because i'm under age, but I'm planing on starting for the 2010 season. Anyways we had to choose a topic I chose this becuase I've already done extensive reaserch on the sport so I have the nessacary Information to make an informed choice and figured that this I could probably write a good article with the information and soruces i've already acquired. Also this project also requires an interveiw. I was hoping one or a few non-noob airsofters could give me a few minutes of there time and answer a few questons. If you would like to Volenteer please feel free to PM me and i'll send you the eight questons I have to ask you, also this interveiw requires me to use a real name if you wish to remain anoymous this is fine, if you wish to give me your name to use in my article this is also fine I would also like to use your ASC username in brackets beside ether your name or the anymous to designate whom i've interveiwed from the forums.

Thanks in advance
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