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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Here's an idea, why don't people put up reviews of the gun techs they use?

If you buy a used gun from someone and it doesn't work, you'd post neg feedback.

If you get your gun worked on by someone and you have to get it fixed by someone else a month later, doesn't that deserve mention too?
I'd agree with that to a point, but then again, look at the gun review section and how many noobs post reviews of their "totally awesome" Tactical Force TF16 (or similar piece of junk) that they've had for 3 hours and are gushing over it. And then subsequently, there's a post in the gun doc section because their new gun "stopped working".

People with more experience can easily filter out these reviews, but to noobs who don't know any better, it's not so apparent. I'm afraid it would be the same for gun doc reviews in many cases.
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