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anyone with 10 minutes to spare

can find out who and who does not have a clue with respect to "airsofttech" ability in any given region.

a simple... "who's a good airsofttech round here?" inquiry would do it.

or look in the gun doc threads...

you can tell who has a clue and who does not.

in my opinion .. there are 3 classes of people who work on guns

1. a buddy who has his gun apart .. and put it back together and it still works you're willing to let him try it with your gun... good for simple upgrades. or minor repairs. Good for making a working gun work better.

2. a "Gun Doc" who has some diagnostic savvy and can take a gun from something is wrong .. to "there its working" Can tune a working gun to make it work better.

3. "Airsofttechnician" can scratch build guns from a collection of parts. can diagnose complex problems and tune guns to perfection. can fix guns that "gun Docs" get stumped on. Capable of getting the most performance out of every gun they work on.
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