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Hi-Cap Magazine mechanics

So I'm taking apart a broken hi-cap and I think I've figured out 1 or 2 of its problems, one of which require gluing and I'd just like to make sure I have a proper understanding of how this thing works before I go permanently bonding anything :P

The main problem I think was that the end of the spring connecting it to the winding axle had broken off but I managed to bend the next part in the line to fit into the anchor slots (you'll have to forgive my terminology as I have no idea what these things are actually called) the second part seems to be the problem outlined HERE but all of the 'pillars' anchoring that upper gear on have completely broken off, so here I'm thinking I'll just glue that whole thing back on while making sure not to get any in the spring itself.

So basically what I'm asking is do you think this will all work? And do you have a link to a place where I can find detailed descriptions/diagrams of how these things actually function, I've failed in my search for such a thing so far. (I haven't a clue how the anti reversal latch/release thingy works)


Also side note: is the "How To" section of the gun doctors board supposed to be blocked?
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