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Your thoughts on CQB rifle and beginners

Hey everybody I am new here, I have recently played airsoft a lot of times and love it. I have been renting guns so far but would like to get into the hobby. I made this choice du to the games realism, gameplay, friendly community where I live and the ability to customize your gun for your style of play.

I have been looking for a airsoft gun to use in CQB, sadly I am to young to be age verified so I have been looking for decent guns that are sold in Canada and I have come across this gun:
Most of you guys may be thinking that that is lots of money for a gun for a beginner, I just do not mind investing the money for a gun that will last me four or more years.

The other gun I might get would be this one:
As you can see I like the M4's with plenty of space for attachments.

Just while I was writing this thread I just updated their G&G series and I found this gun:
Have not had plenty of time to think about it but it seems to have pretty mush everything the G&G M4 has, just a smaller model, better for CQB. It has plenty of space for attachments and a decent range, adjustable hop up reinforced gearbox, blow back (nice and cool looking) the only problem I have with this gun is it is not TM compatible, will this affect how much I can upgrade it, if so by how much? It seems that G&G has plenty of options for upgrading so I should still be able to upgrade it I assume. Also there does not seem to be a rail on the top, is there anywhere that I could buy one for a scope?

My first question is which gun to get? I like both of them a lot, they good from reviews I have read. My problem with the first gun is the gearbox going to get wrecked with the fps? I assume no since it the fps is not too high but just would like to know. Another problem with the first is when I am old enough to play outdoor (all the clubs you have to be 16 to play, I am only 14 ) will I be able to upgrade the gun to higher FPS with springs or another method. I would also like to know if I can get a rail to go on the side of the barrel for the first to attach a laser or flash light? I would also like to know the approximate range for both at 350-360 fps? For the second gun I would like to know how hard it would be to upgrade it? It is TM compatible but I do not know if you have to be age verified to order parts for a airsoft gun. I would also like to get a fairly nice red dot sight, I have read that they are better than scopes due to their wider view range and that you do not really need a scope for CQB (figured that out myself ). I would like to also purchase a flashlight and laser I found this one, it is pretty cheap so I bet the laser is not very powerful.
I was wondering if there is any other 2 in 1 laser and flashlight that would be useful?

Another thing that concerns me is eye protection, all the googles I have found are 80-100$, although I would pay for them I would like it if there was any other ballistics googles that are a bit cheaper?

Thanks in advance for any help/helpful comments or criticism on my choices for equipment.

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