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Yeah, those guns are pretty flippin' cheap.
But I'm a student. So no tons of dough lying aboot. :P

How about this pistol?
Electric - CM030 Glock
They also offer a decent selection of Sniper Rifles for a fair price. Any of those look good?

There's a surplus store in Oakville that offers some airsoft weapons - I saw a Spring G36 for about $70. But I'd rather go with a beginner electric gun or a sniper rifle. Seems kind of silly to me to have a spring assault rifle.

The only issue I have with getting AV'd is that I live in Burlington and there doesn't seem to be many Reps in my area. Endymion says he's willing to drive out to Hamilton, and Jeroon (Armyissue) is in Mississauga - I'll make the hike if I have to.
Plus, some of the Canadian retailers I've looked at are a bit out of my price range, at least until I secure employment. :P
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