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Thanks for all the advice guys. I've changed my mind. Does anyone here know of any G36C models that are good to go right out of the box in stock form?

Besides sniper rifles, I also really dig the G36C.

And yeah, I know I should save my money for school, but I'm looking to try airsoft for the first time as well (hoping to start next summer when I'm off school again). Of course I won't be going all in to it yet because that'd be very expensive.

Also, yeah I'll heed your guys' advice and refrain from trying anything in my backyard, always best to be cautious rather than regretful. I live in Edmonton, AB. Does anyone know of any fields or good places to play? Or will I have to travel out of Edmonton to get a game going? At my age I probably wouldn't be ready for that yet with school and everything.

Thanks for the help guys.
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