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Some of the girls in the pics appear to be non-airsofters (at least at the time the pic was taken): specifically, Miss April is a picture of PFC Janelle Zalkovsky, Civil Affairs Unit 1-320th Field Artillery, 101st Airborne, taken in Ibriam Jaffes, Iraq. Furthermore, there may be a copyright by either the author (Spc. Charles W. Gill) or the US DoD; unauthorized use (specially in something that is being sold commercially) could earn you some trouble.

And Miss Feb is clearly a wallpaper from BRII.

That is a mock up that my designer from fast car magazine put together for us. Just to show people what sort of thing we are going for.
The pictures will not be used when we go to print.
Everything we are doing is all above board I can assure you, Our calender will be produced using girls from throughout the Airsoft sport doing there thing either out in the field or in one of the staged photoshoots for example our Ubisoft entertainment commisioned shoot that will be based on a Tom clancy game.

I commend the people behind your one as its not an easy task, if you need any advice or assistance with it please let me know.
Weve been planning this for over six months now and received mainstream sponsorship of the calendar and 100% of the profits will be going back to the National Airsoft Girls community to help assist the females out there stay in the sport and recruit further.

Good luck R.I.T.Z it should serve as a great tool to show other girls that there not alone!

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