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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
u.u' for the record, I already had metal bushings+bevel bearings and shims lmao, just wanting to swap out the temporary cheapo XYTs, which are there just to fill in the spaces. It's a good point on the slide thingy, but the first one only broke because of carelessness... Being TMs, they don't usually break, some reviews, I think one on here, said it lasted 15k rds without a hiccup.
*sigh* should have kept to one gun.
LOL, nothing lasts forever.
Buy the stuff you need first.
If you are short on money, replace what needs to be replace. If it's running fine, save up your money. When you got enough, purchase it.
You're just in the dreaming process and wondering what to buy first.

The only way TM slides will last long is if you run it on duster.

Oh Amos, yes.

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