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If you want to do backyard plinking, it's actually a very nice gun and very fun to use, but I soon got bored of backyard plinking, and sold it for a CA. Reason for this is, it has a rediculous fps, around 460ish, which will require that you be able to recongize a minimum engagement distances, all the while this will be no more accurate than a normal AEG, because despite it being slightly more accurate shot for shot, they can fire 10BBs while you fire 1.
Get out to a game when you turn 18, borrow a gun, handle a few different guns, and choose your favorite.
a sniper rifle will take around $500+ in mods alone to be gamable, and this gun is harder to find parts for... Slightly.
if you just want to plink in your backyard, as in shooting targets, this is pretty fun. But for any kind of actual skirmishes... don't do it, it'll be more of a headache than anything.
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I'll bet Ronan was the one who sent that email.
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The chinese steal everything. Haven't seen an original idea come out of that country yet.

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