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The Well rifles are crap nothing more to say.

No don't get a sniper rifle. It's not very fun at all. I mean personally me as a player I'm more of a run and gun assault kind of guy and 99% of players I know are. Nothing wrong with that. The closest I'd actually get to sniping would probably be as a DMR that's it.

Not only that to get your rifle up to ~400 FPS imposes a lot of restrictions on you such as MED's and having to be a trusted player/taken a "sniper safety" course offered by some clubs.

Fill in your profile so we know what general area you live in (doesn't have to be like NW Calgary, AB or anything just Calgary or Alberta will suffice).

If you're seriously waiting then just wait some more cause you'll be kicking yourself later for wasting money on a crap gun when there are much better available once you're verified. Plus you can work and actually afford it (plus school if you're going)....
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