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Need a few tips from your own experience

Hello, I've been looking into the sport of airsoft for quite some time now. I'm not yet 18, but turning 18 this september and hope to get verified when I am able to.

Just wondering though, since I'm not a dedicated hardcore airsoft fan, I'm wondering if you guys think getting the L96 wouldn't be too bad of a choice just for playing around in my backyard (My backyard is enclosed, so there's no chance of anyone seeing me or anything, it's pretty big as well)?

I just intend when I am 18 to play with maybe 4-5 friends in backyard skirmishes with no real rules or anything like MILSIM.

I love accuracy more than anything, and am looking for a sniper rifle with a budget of 200 bucks at most.

I saw this video on youtube by airsoftreports
YouTube - Airsoft Reports Quality Review- WELL L96 Sniper Rifle

It seems like something that'd be worth the money, considering how I intend to play airsoft.

I've of course heard from any a posters about advice on how a sniper rifle should not be a first choice for a newbie, but is that only in regards to people who plan to become a completely dedicated player? Do you guys think that for the type of player I intend to become, that a sniper rifle would be an alright choice (because I love sniper rifles) for just playing with some friends?

Thanks for the advice.
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