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hey man dont forget we play down here 2 times a week. You can see, touch, shot everything from Aks, m4s, mp5, g36s and gbbs. i can pm you next time we go out. Usually every weds night and sundays. As far as being confused, simple answer. Get the best gun you can afford and try to surrond yourself with helpful people. Your really in the dark asking all these questions without seeing first hand the differences. These forums are full of Chevy vs Ford people and everyone has a opinion. No one is right or wrong its just what fits them better. I have owned Tm, Classic army, KWA, Jg, ICS, Kjw, G&P and G&G. I love them all for different reasons. The only guns that frustrate me are inexpensive clone type guns, really they are the only unreliable ones. Knock on wood but my KWA m4 tac has been Gamed on 11.1 lipo about 25 games and never one hiccup. come to a field and check everything out. We are only 30 minutes from you and there is no reason to have to go all the way to Toronto unless you want to.
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