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A longer inner barrel will increase your range. But the increase isn't all the significant. A well tuned MP5 will have an effective range of 100-125 feet. A full length M16 will have an effective range of 125-150 feet. Your BBs can travel farther than that, but won't be accurate outside of your effective range. There is an increase, but it's not significant.

A tightbore barrel will increase your velocity, range (somewhat), but its greatest effect is tightening up your groupings at a distance. within your effective range (which the tightbore will increase), your groupings will be a lot tighter. To me, having a tightbore is much more effective than simply a longer barrel.

Yeah, a longer barrel will help for sure, but it's not the be-all end all of the gun. There's no reason that you can't use a short barrel gun for outdoor gaming as long as it's shooting straight and consistently.

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