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Originally Posted by Jonoats View Post
if your getting an Mp5 don't worry about a sidearm unless you want one lol, and barrel length has absolutely almost nothing to do with accuracy, my G&G mp5A5 came stock with a reinforced (Steel not zinc) mechbox, and tightbore barrel, shooting 350 at 18 bps. I only play outdoors and it performs way better than my AK which shoots 410fps at 11bps, with a madbull 6.03 tightbore and guarder improved hopup. If your going the Mp5 way I highly suggest this model, there may be better companies out there but for the price and performance this one is crazy. Side note though, if your playing outdoors always use 0.25g plus, they may travel slower than 0.2g bb's when they exit the barrel, but at 90 feet they are traveling faster than that 0.2g.

DMR - Designated Marksman Rifle : basically a sniper, but with semi auto, (in airsoft sometimes they got full auto lol) an m14 would be an example.
ah ok cool ty. was thinking G&G couse i met a guy on here who has a shope i can buy one from. and yes im 18+ lol.

wouldent the heavyer bb wreck the gun? i allways read that u should stick to req bbs by the manufacture like .12 .2g etc

i was thinkin of an ak47 instead of mp5 but from what i understand an mp5 would be easyer to get parts for.

glad i dont need a sidearm lol. that would be like another 200-300$ lol
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