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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
There are a few things you need to know

If you intend on getting a gun WITHOUT a clear plastic receiver (upper receiver in the case of the MP5) in Canada, then the ASC classifieds ARE your only option. That's it. No stores sell them anywhere due to their very muddy legal status as replica firearms.

Secondly, yes, there are retailers that sell in the classifieds and have new guns, although new guns of the CA calibre aren't appearing as often as they used to. Chances are, regardless what brand you're looking for, you're pretty much stuck buying used.

Thirdly - in response to "if i wanted to wait that long i wouldent be posting now owuld i?" don't ask to buy guns outside of the AV sections of the forum. It's against the rules and will get you at best infraction points, and at worse a temporary ban.

As for the barrel length, the MP5 is fine. My custom MP5 (built on CA externals) has a standard length barrel and I can easily hit a man size target at 125 foot ranges without a problem.
oh ok and dident know asking outside av areas about buying airsoft guns was that bad. and that remark was regarding questions about wich mp5 i should buy lol. i probly will wait till im aved before even atempting to buy a airsoft gun so ya i can see what the classifiseds are all about.

ok im sorry fer wasteing all ur time. u have all given me great info. ill wait till im aved before asking any more questions so im not baned fer something i didnet know i wasent allowed to do and yes ive read most of the FAQ threads in FAQ section.

only reason i keep thinking ill haveta upgrade the barrel after i buy is couse people keep saying that in outdoor play the mp5 wont match let alone be good agents anything out there im up agenst? so in that case makes me think go m16 instead but i hate looks of m16. so from what i been told and read next best step was to switch out into longerbarel.

sorry im such a newbie and asking dumbass questions. dident relize EVERY single AEG that was bought online/in person at a store ha dto be upgraded and only way to avoid that was to buy HERE on forums

and im not 18- i am 18+ incase u think ima stupid teenager like many others ive seen have been. check me out on face book shaun castle barrie network

btw this iant all dorected at u Crunchmeister uve given me some great info ty so have the rest of u
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