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Originally Posted by CrazyWulf View Post
lol i would but i dont wanna wait 2-6 weeks fer full age verifying before i start to collect info on buyinga gun to join this sport of airsoft. if i wanted to wait that long i wouldent be posting now owuld i? and do they even sell new unused airsoft rifles in the classifieds?
There are a few things you need to know

If you intend on getting a gun WITHOUT a clear plastic receiver (upper receiver in the case of the MP5) in Canada, then the ASC classifieds ARE your only option. That's it. No stores sell them anywhere due to their very muddy legal status as replica firearms.

Secondly, yes, there are retailers that sell in the classifieds and have new guns, although new guns of the CA calibre aren't appearing as often as they used to. Chances are, regardless what brand you're looking for, you're pretty much stuck buying used.

Thirdly - in response to "if i wanted to wait that long i wouldent be posting now owuld i?" don't ask to buy guns outside of the AV sections of the forum. It's against the rules and will get you at best infraction points, and at worse a temporary ban.

As for the barrel length, the MP5 is fine. My custom MP5 (built on CA externals) has a standard length barrel and I can easily hit a man size target at 125 foot ranges without a problem.
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