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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
CA shoots around 320fps, there is no need, it's a good balance between outdoor play and CQB, the only concern is that IMO the MP5 inner barrel is a bit short, but if you buy the SD series, you can fit a longer inner barrel inside that silencer.
ah ok cool. i have a few if ands or buts about sueing a mp5 in outdoor play but im 5 foot 9 140 lbs male and not all that strong lol. so figure the mp5 be easyer to wield and move around trees bunkers etc. my other choice is ak47/74

ya ive had a few people tell me mp5 inner barrle is to short fer outdoor so they suggested i just throw a longer inner in and a silancer on. is the sd series only ones that allow silancers? and longer inner barrels?
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