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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
From my experience, CA make by far the best MP5. Only ICS comes close to it in terms of its metal externals and attention to detail. ICS would be my second choice.

If you're ok with the 260-280 fps stock TM, then it's probably the most durable, but if you plan on playing outdoors, prepare to either get your ass handed to you by everyone else on the field who will outgun you. Unless you plan on upgrading the spring, then you'll also need to upgrade a bunch more internals to maintain its reliability. But once you've got it upgraded, it will have cost you almost double the price of an ICS and you'll still have a plastic gun.
ur post actuly made me laugh at the end. very nice and well dun. great info ty

so mp5 ca second choice ics and no need to upgrade fer outdoor fer at least a few games?
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