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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
You can wait until you're age verified then check the classifieds.
lol i would but i dont wanna wait 2-6 weeks fer full age verifying before i start to collect info on buyinga gun to join this sport of airsoft. if i wanted to wait that long i wouldent be posting now owuld i? and do they even sell new unused airsoft rifles in the classifieds? and i say 2-6 weeks couse probly 2 weeks till me and deep in the bush meet up sinces are scheduals seem to conflict and then what nother 1-5 weeks before asc veryifts deep in the bushes work and accepts it?

do u have any advice on what version/maker of themp5 ud like to share?

btw im not beeing rude just realistic i live a life were time has no meaning every day feels like a week or a year
Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
Classic army non-sportline? Granted it won't last as long as a TM, but when something breaks you usually only have to replace that part, and easier to upgrade because the material and strength of the internals have a higher tolerance than TM. If you want to raise the ROF or FPS of a TM for something like woodland skirmishes, you need to swap more internals than the CA so the mechbox can take it.
so if i read u right ur suggesting clasic army non sportline would be better in short term/longterm then TM couse it may be cheaper to replace/upgrade then the TM? but if upgrades dun matter TM be better?

im thinking from what i understand of fields near me ya i havent beento any they mainly outdoor and 1 indoor so ill probly do mostly woodland outdoor stuff. any specfic type of mp5 u suggest? say the sd5 sd6 sd3 cqb etc?

is used better to buy then new? or is that depending? im kinda scared to buy used couse i dont wanna buy a lemon

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