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seeing as how my last gun talk thread got shiped over here to newbie tank ill post here yet again.

wich one do u like best fer mp5 thats works great right out of the box no mods needed for first say 3 games1-3 day games.

and no i dont want a cheap ass gun im thinkin mid to high price range

wich one will last longer before i need to upgrade it?

wich one cheaper to upgrade?

i got a line on a mp5 upgraded fully i do beleave fer 850$ assembled or $600 not but fer $850 couldent i just hit up a AEg shop and get one in person fer cheaper thats brand new? and should last like 1 game at least?

remmber this will be my first gun ever i am thinkin of MP5 think its probly gonna be best fer starter gun for me incase i need to do both indoor and outdoor CQB and none so i will probly haveta adjust the gun to shoot 350 when i do indoor and 400 when i do outdoor. was thinkin of stickin a longer barrel on it after i buy and throwin a mock silancer on it to cover barrel an dmake it look better in my eyes and stealthyer.

so please ask any questions u want of me. call me a noob dun care lol. just please help me

and if u also what were would u suggest i buy my first MP5?

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