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Originally Posted by CPT Spork View Post
the accuracy is not bad the range is soso, theres gotta be a way to make it alittle bit better. what would a V2 box run me?
Your opinion will change as soon as you compare it to even a low-end AEG...

For a CHEAP complete mechbox (JG), you're looking at about $100 + shipping. Even then, you'll have to open it and downgrade the spring ($20) because the stock M130 spring is too hot for gaming. It'll be more if you buy a box and build it up with parts, as yours are unuseable. You'll also need at minimum a new hopup rubber, as that one is crap (+$10). And your battery won't last out the summer. You need to add a battery to that setup ($50). And that cheapo wall wart charger will kill that new battery the same way it kills all batteries. So you also need a charger (~ $50 for a cheap one).

So about $230 in upgrades is the BARE MIMINUM you need to get a useable, gamable gun. And that will still leave you with shitty, brittle, sub-par externals that will break at the slightest mishap. Add that to the price you paid for your gun, and all of a sudden it's cost you way more than a brand new CAS G&G gun that will blow it out of the water in any way. New CAS G&G M4 is $308 new.
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