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Stunt Studios M16

So I'm just getting into the sport, didnt; wanna spend big bucks on a gun..yet. after watching countless youtube reviews I settled on the stunt studios M16 with grenade launcher. 1st off this gun is FAR better then my DPMS kitty kat...

the main disapointment is the grenade launcher... 1 cock = 1 BB.... this BB flies out the barrel though a wopping 80FPS.... so watch out when I'm on the field...
not sure if theres any way to remedy this so it fires all the BB. only thing I could think of was to throw a hand full BBs at the enemy. I'm pretty sure that would be more affective then this thing.

as for the gun itself it seems not to bad but I would like to up the FPS slightly. I tried the poor mans chrono and found that 75% of the shots would go through the side of the can. I would like them all to. seems to me that would be a bit closer tot he FPS of the better guns. So what can I do? will a metal gear set froma g&G or something fit in there? or can up the spring rate slightly with the stock plastic gear box?
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