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Getting back into airsoft

Hey guys, my name is Rob patno, I used to play airsoft
a long time ago but stopped and went into paintball and
stuck with it since. Anyways, i know this may be the wrong place
for a paintballer but I need to get a hold of a SG550 Handguard,
Bi-Pod or not i dont care. I have a project im working on
and i cant seem to find the parts anywhere. I just need the handguard.

Also i may be getting back into airsoft if i can figure out why and where
all these bloody restrictions came from, they werent here before.

I havnt played airsoft in a long time and now theres all these crazy
restrictions on things that there didnt used to be, I cant just straightup
order the bloody thing from just anywhere now, it seems that somewhere
someone screwed it up for everyone else. In any event, I just need an
SG550 handguard, top and bottom half. Its for a paintball gun so
it doesnt need to hold any batteries or anything, its just floating over a barrel.
So if someone can point me to a link where there is one or if someone
owns one and i can just buy it off them that would be good as well.

Thanks in advance,

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