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Originally Posted by ansarm View Post
To me 50% of airsoft is "playing dressup".
You mean playing "army man" right??? There's a difference. Just like "Collectible Memorabilia", Action Figures, and Dolls.

If you don't like PB masks and the field allows, some sealed ballistics and a neoprene face mask should do the trick.

If you don't like that then Sykes masks are an option. Funny story actually, I probably would have had one of my teeth chipped if it had not been for my sykes mask. I'm not sure the distance but I had a .28 hit me just below the nose and it actually chipped the mask (it appears there was an air bubble there and the force of the BB impact just made it chip) they're surprisingly solid. No pics though cause I don't have it with me.

There's also the shemagh, but you don't like that option either do you? You could always do the hipster thing and use it as a scarf and when on the field just wear it on your head as a head wrap.

A mouth guard like T7 said is an option too.

EDIT: Oh yeah ears... There was a "brotherhood of bleeders" somewhere was there not? Lets just say make sure that your ears are covered by the strap on your ballistics/PB mask.
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