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Originally Posted by marsoncoleman View Post
is the "G&G CAS VERSION: GR16 A4 BEGINNER PACKAGE" on this site :

the same gun as the "G&G M16A3" on this site :

becuase seriosuly they look the same, same prices but different names,
please tell me if they are the same and if not which is better,

Originally Posted by marsoncoleman View Post
which is better and why? i can't find it out anywhere,,,,
You were not trying very hard enough, if trying at all.

Your question has been asked before, many times before, and a specific thread was created to clarify on the matter. More on that in a second. Simply put they are two different guns, quality and model wise. Mach1 also has the exact same G&G M16 for $319 that buy airsoft has as well.

When it comes to G&G there are many varying levels of quality out there.
Please see here for a better understanding of those levels of quality.

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