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Originally Posted by hot_shot under fire View Post
Yes, he used to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now he works 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Hes self employed, and he has been doing his job for 30 years (since he was 10, no joke, when your dad is from Italy, there is no escaping that). I personally work for him when I can, and trust me, he isn't the best to work with (Its very hard work, not some pussy Mc Donalds job).

Since he works 6 days a week now, every Sunday we will try and work on it, unless he has me working elsewhere. After Church, we will work on the gun if possible. That is why it will be a 2 year project because very little time can be spent on it. I have $500.00 saved for the gun and upgrade parts already (I work more than 1 part time job).

And yes, Fuck you as in Fuck you Kalnaren. Not to anyone else.

And I had a feeling I was wrong about the 18+ rule for airsoft, I just couldn't remember if it was Quebec or Ontario.

Also, Im MUCH differant off of the internet. Since some of you think your all high and mighty being on the internet, chances are you can all beat me up, but trust me, I can take alot more thay you all think. Especially after working with my dad running buckets of concrete up and down a driveway for sometimes 8 hours a day with one 30 minute break for lunch. Yes, thats true.

Well cry me a fucking river, suck it up sally. You think laying out your supposed troubles on us is going to inspire sympathy and get us to bend the rules for you?

This isn't some Disney movie where the kid just wants a project so he can connect with his terminally ill dad, so spare us the fucking drama ok pal, you want that, go restore a classic car or something like that that doesn't involve us, we aren't here to help you break the law.

You talk about being different in real life, then act normal and obey the rules and don't throw a tantrum because you can't get your own way.

You're a joke
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