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I guess this place has as much drama as any other forum on the internet. Here's some honest-to-God advice in your favor, Hot Shot:

If you're different off the internet, consider being different on the internet as well. This isn't the best place to go trolling considering actual business is conducted on these forums, and your reputation will greatly influence how people react to you... and as far as I can tell as a total newbie still, this is the primary website for airsoft in Canada. You're really not doing yourself any favors by swearing and getting angry at members, especially retailers.

No one cares about your job or your experience with your father. No one even cares about how mature you are until you're of age. I wouldn't give a fourteen year old a gun so that they could work on it to get to know their father. Why should someone give you an airgun so that you can work on it to get to know your father? Get your father to teach you gun safety and take you target shooting. That, at least, is productive.
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