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One other thing to think about before deciding on a gun is your body size. How tall are you? That G&G has a full stock and a long barrel, if you are a shorter person then it may be a bit difficult for you to manage. Now to answer your question, all the G&G guns on that site that are in "high grade" section are the same quality. They all have the same internal parts. The only differance in performance will be barrel length. Longer barrels will make the bb more stable and give it a slight bit more accuracy and distance. But to be honest it may be 2 or 3 feet more than a shorter barreled G&G. So chose the gun that you think looks better, because they will all perform about the same. I really suggest you read the FAQ's. Alot of your question will be answered there. You may have a completely new set of questions to ask after reading them but thats ok.
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