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Originally Posted by marsoncoleman View Post
hey guys can you check this out for me and tell me how good it is and the quailty and tell me if the price is good and stuff like that thanks !
dude seriously speaking as a noob myself I'm getting a head ache.
YOU do the research
WAIT until your 18
SAVE your money
THINK logically

look around talk to people as much as we are all willing to help out, there's only so much we can take of giving you the same information over and over again.

Airsoft is for milsim enthusiasts, meaning looking as much like the real thing as possible, if your going to play with your friends high-caps are cool and fun. but most other games will limit you to real caps (30rds) or mid-caps (130rds). look into all the guns, talk to some players and what they personally use but remember its gonna be their opinion. I use a JG M4 S-system and I love it. I bought it from the classifieds for 300$ plus shipping. Now that being said don't get your dad to get age verified because the verifiers meet you in person and if they don't like you they can say no.
your okay with a kraken i've heard some good stuff its an ok first gun, but seriously if you want to get into the sport wait save research and don't expect us to give you all the answers. but if your just gonna go play in a field with your friends (preferably out of sight from roads or neighbors) go to crappy tire or walmart and buy a crossman and use that.

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