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Even some posts and topics in here are not suitable for a 14 year old. I love the fact airsoft has a young and old age range it keeps the sport alive and its too bad kids cant get more involved. But its not a place for minors. I was in SIR the other day and some dad and 2 kids around the age of 13-15 were looking at guns the kid was saying "yeah this is the one i want to get" I felt like intervening but who am i to say anything really. With all the bad press airguns get its good most people are responsible owners. I assure you its not the 18+ crowd that are shooting at city transit or running around the block playing guns with airsoft guns. I know 4 years is a long wait... but get knowledge about the sport and when you are 18 you will have all the right info to make a great purchase. Cheers little dude!!!

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