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Originally Posted by warbird View Post
Yeah, fps limit here is 380. I'll probably go with CA due to reliability.
*Thumbs up*
I will admit KWA has better performance out of box, but if you want something very reliable that you can tinker with CA is the best bet IMO.

I personally don't trust those tabs, even in metal (airsoft) guns, so I'd never get a CA or KWA.
Let me tell you the metal tabs on the CA are NOT going to break. Rock solid.
And CA has a different design, the back pin holds the mechbox in, the way you strip the recievers is different. On CA the front pin only keeps it from sliding off forwards, the "holding down" process is done by the curved nature of the mechbox top fitting with the curved nature of the upper reciever, plus to metal "pins" in the back. Or are you talking about those 2 pins and i'm just an idiot?
Oh I totally agree that 6,000 isn't anywhere near enough of a benchmark to judge whether or not it's reliable. I just checked the internals about a week ago when I put the stock spring back in after trying out a m100 that I had. Everything still looks good to go. There is a guy on the KWA forum that took photos of his stock internals after 120,000+ rounds and the damn thing looked brand new and that with a 11.8V 15c Li-Po in it. I personally use the Li-Po because I don't have to worry about swapping batteries in the middle of a game, I charge it up the night before a game and I know I'm going to get at least a bag of bb's out of it before I start noticing any change in it's performance.
Ok sorry my bad

Idk, i've just never trusted KWA, they seem to over-powered for what they are thus causing unreliability.

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