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Originally Posted by CrazyWulf View Post
dident think that accuracy had anything to do with barrel length due to reading a few threads about G&G UMg and other guns that they say barrel length has nothing to do with accurcay but that kinda dident make sense to me lol

i do much perfer the look of the ak better then the mp5.

anyone know why this was moved from gun disccusion to newbie tank? it aint a newbie questions its a thread disscussion about ak vs mp5 lol

anyone have a specfic ak they like?
ya i saw that thread. it was BS. length of inner barrel DOES affect accuracy and range. simple physics and crap. tighter barrels only add to it. you picked two polar opposite guns. it all depends on your play style. personally if you aren't playing indoor, then get the AK 74 with folding stock. that way, you can get nice range and accuracy and you can hit up bunkers and such with the folding stock. i personally just hate the look of the 47. the MP5 is really suitable for indoor stuff. It can be used for outdoor, but it wont perform nearly as well as a longer barreled AK 74 or 47.
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